The Adventure... of DOOM

[MMD] Mathius must die! - The Arc gets a name

And so evil rears it's (hilarious) head...

Characters : Greta Grishie Meffit

(Alternate description : notAvatar : only fire benders)
[ Asula as a paladin, Mei as a fire mage and tai lee the kobold]

Finding themselves lost in the depths of the black market of meats, our intrepid band of … self centered academics begins arguing with one another. (Specifically about whether or not The Kobold is actually a halfling, as s/he claims)

The Kobold ends up tripping, then tumbling (safely) over a pit-trap. The pit trap ends up not being very deep, just enough to maybe stun a person. The intrepid academics finally realize they’ve wandered a bit… too far off the beaten path, and into a quiet side road/alley.

They are then ambushed!

While fighting the unknown assailant The Kobold goes into hiding, The Paladin rushes the attacker and The Pyro unleashes flame! The fire sets the creature alight, which sends it running … or rather climbing away (once it puts out the flame), where The Kobold attacks from hiding! (Somehow s/he managed to hide atop a low building near by.)

… and misses, it’s blades screeching down the building mere inches from the odd looking assailant.

The strong paladin then leaps into action! Charging the weak/deteriorating wall that the creature is climbing!

… and breaking through! Sending the creature to the ground and winding it! (And also sending several looms flying across the room … with unfortunate women chained to said looms.) … and then sliding onto her face at the end of the charge.

Again, The Pyromage uses his flames to burn the creature, this time with bolts of fire that burn but do not set it ablaze. The creature runs again! Across the room and barreling through a door opposite of the (new) hole in the wall. No light emanates from this room…

The Kobold slinks in after the creature.

The room is pitch dark, but The Kobold‘s eyes adjust, allowing it to see in it’s natural darkvision. It’s a “small” (30′×30′) storeroom, with no exit but the entrance. The creature is trapped… somewhere.

The Paladin takes position just outside the door while The Pyromage sets himself alight and walks calmly through the sweatshop, past the terrified women and into the storeroom, painfully blinding The Kobold and creature momentarily. Both let out quick cries of surprised pain.

The Paladin takes the moment to charge in and toward the direction the creature made noise from, screaming “COME HERE CREATURE! WITH YOUR FACE!”

… and misses her swing. The creature is not standing upon the floor, but clinging to the ceiling!

Unfortunately The Kobold is still slightly dazed, but The Pyromage is not! He once again sends bolts of explosive fire toward the beast, alighting it’s skin and slaying it! The creature falls to the floor and begins to burn away … with hissing sounds emanating from beneath it’s drying and crackling skin.

The Kobold quickly gives the charred remains a once-over and finds a symbol/pendant in the general vicinity of the creature’s neck.

The Paladin barters a fish for the pendant, then crouches down to study the remains.

None of them quite recognize the creature’s remains. It’s too tall and lanky to be a normal human. It has joints at odd angles as well, with two sets of elbows on it’s arms.

Taking a bit of time to really study the creature, The Paladin finally recalls rumored stories from her youth. This might be a Ripper! A creature employed by hedonistic nobles and aristocracy, or rather suppliers of such people. People rumored to buy flesh of sentient beings just to try it as a delicacy.

Rippers are both bogeymen for misbehaving children and a real aberration employed by unscrupulous merchants in the high end of shadow markets.

The pendant/sigil was a slightly easier thing to recognize. It’s a symbol all three of them recognize from an academy that rivaled their own… but why would it be wearing such a thing?

The Pyromage convinces The Kobold to release all the women chained inside this sweatshop. But not until after he ensures them that he will eventually call in the debt of ‘kindness’ he is displaying. One woman quietly informs him that they have to be here. They’ve debts to pay to the owner.

The Pyromage inquires after the owner. The woman tells him that they all are indebted to Mathius, a fashion merchant currently trying to make his wares prestigious enough to be worn by truly upper crust nobility. He is currently a rising star within the city’s fashion scene.

The Pyromage asks where he is. To which he is told that the women never see Mathius, his enforcers handle the lower city businesses.

The Pyromage is then told that the pendant The Paladin is holding belongs to The Cutters, a meat district powerhouse located a few tiers up.

The Pyromage burns a note for Mathius in the ruined sweatshop’s floor. He has set his sights on a conquest… but there is still the issue of a ripper who just tried to kill him and his friends…

What will the group do next?



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