Uld of Blackfist

Chaotic Good, half-orc fighter. 6'5, long strait black ponytail, dark green skin. Black tattoos on his fists. Scars, including a facial scar from ear to mouth on right left side.


STR- 20
DEX- 16
CON- 18
INT- 11
WIS- 15
CHA- 10

HP- 105

AC- 21

F- 12
R- 8
W- 10

BAB- 7/2

Scale Armour +4AC Max Dex: +3
Heavy Steel Shield, Spiked +2AC

1 Explosive Warhammer +12/7 Damage: 1d6+6 X3 +2d4 explosive damage on successful hit, 5 foot burst.

Heavy Steel Shield, Spiked 11/6 Damage: 1d6+5 X2 Lose +2AC bonus for one round when shield bashing.

Longbow 11/6 Damage: 1d8+3 X3 20 Arrows

Hunters Longknife 11/6 1d4+5(dagger specs for an 18 inch hunters knife)

Racial/Class Traits:
Darkvision, 60ft.
Weapon Training
Combat Focus
Problem Solver
Pack Mule
Logistics Mastry
Active Assault
Forge Lore
Improved Delay
Uncanny Dodge

Danger Sense*
Great Fortitude*
Dirty Fighting
Iron Will*
Elusive Tsrget*

*Taken from here.

Balance- 13
Bluff- 10
Climb- 15
Diplomacy- 10
Escape Artist- 13
Intimidate- 10
Jump- 15
Listen- 12
Search- 10
Sense Motive- 12
Spot- 12
Survival- 12
Swim- 15
Tumble- 13
Use Rope- 13


Uld of Blackfist

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