Guilded Kingdoms

Gilded Kingdoms


A democratic alliance, or union, of formerly sovereign territories uniting under a common set of common rights, laws and regulations.

Led by both a central Monarch (King/Queen), Congregational Leader (Prime Minister/etc) and Guild officials, the region has prospered in the past 200 years.

The relative stability created by the mutual assistance, protection and trade has led to unprecedented growth and innovation. Places of learning are thriving, and growing. Magic is being explored and pushed further than it has been since The Great Fall; resulting in even more innovation and political power for the region.

A shining example of civilization; bringing an abundance of races and cultures together.

Other names

Alliance of Free Counties

Guild of Nations

United Kingdoms

The Free Alliance of Nations Kingdoms Counties Dutchies Principalies and Freeholds (TFANKCDPF)

Guilded Kingdoms

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