House Rules


  • Acrobatics : Combines Balance and Tumble
  • Awareness : Combines and Replaces Spot and Listen If you have ranks in both (Spot and Listen), then reallocate the points from one of them.
  • Intimidation : Has interchangeable bonuses. Trying to physically intimidate someone? STR mod. etc
  • Stealth : Replaces Move Silently and Hide. If you have ranks in both, reallocate the points from one of them.


  • No More (traditional) spell slots : Screw spell slots. They make no sense the way they are used currently. Everyone is now a “spontaneous” caster.
    • Instead of remembering and forgetting spells each day, you will have a list of known spells that you can cast when ever you want. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A SPELL SLOT LEFT!
    • ( Moopo has one 3rd level spell slot left, he knows 18 different spells for 3rd level, which will he use for his last 3rd level slot?)
      • This virtually destroys the barrier between traditional Wizards / Sorcerers. This will eventually be replaced with a more comprehensive points system.
  • To cast spells (normally) they must be on your ‘known spells’ list : Any spell not on an easy to access and search spell list can be cast, but with a penalty; determined by situation.
    • Spells outside of the list will be penalized, typically by taking longer to cast.
      • eg: Taking excessive time to look up a spell and determine it’s effects will affect that spell in-game. In the form of a longer casting time.
  • Healing is a Channeled Spell : It takes time to cast a healing spell properly.
  • Healing results are dependent upon the healing skill as well as casting level

House Rules

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