The Adventure... of DOOM

A meandering note

Jump to 3/30/12

After big battle, explosion occurs in tower, separating the room we are in from the rest of the tower…..crates dislodge to show a 2nd exit, where we head….

We head to roof where we see the parts of the tower are separating from each other…as the roof slides we jump off the falling roof to a steady roof…Lazarus falls and breaks both legs…we get his legs healed by Sheila and Adam, and we’ll head back to the Academy….we reach the village nearest the tower and we clean up and such, then we contact the Academy with our magic communication trinkets…we are immediately recalled to the Academy…..we report to Brax about our incursion into the Tower….we invite Halure to join us on our return to the Academy….

Brax asks us to take only a few days off because he needs to send us out on another incursion…. Brax officially invites Halure to join the party….

After our brief hiatus, we meet with Prax who asks us if we know Leyland Prairie; we all know of it…apparently the farmers are being attacked by their crops….

We travel to the Prairie……we are ambushed in field during night by 12 halflings…Lazarus finally remembers that we are trespassing on their lands, and gets us to stop attacking. We are lead to another tower, where the halflings live…



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