The Adventure... of DOOM

The Halfling Barrows – Operation: Why do the crops eat people?

As the intrepid band of adventurers travel through the vast grasslands, they find a large hill with a tower pointing out of it. As they reach the hill, they find that the grass ends short of the hill and actually has a large hole in it that goes down and the entire Halfling clan lives under the hill. They are instructed to speak to the chieftain. As they enter, he is speaking to someone. When he finishes he turns and they find that the chieftain is blind and is eyes are wrapped. He “looks” at each of them then speaks to Laazyrus. He greets him by Laazyrus’s childhood plains name, “roaring kitten” and invites the group to sit and eat with him.

They are introduced to Vedim, another half-orc from Uld’s Blackfist tribe. They find various delicacies like fish and fruits. As they eat, the chieftain speaks of the problem at hand. The chieftain’s name is swimming eagle and he asks what we know of it. Laazyrus shows the chieftain the black vial and he freaks. He has Laazyrus look at it with “See Say” and he see what the evil in that thing is. The shamen come in and look at it and find that the black shit is what is the cause of the crops attacking people. The chieftain states that he and his shamen will check this out in the morning and the group shall accompany them.

As the group gets ready to leave, the university mages take Laurel and ask her to stay. Vedim will be accompanying them. As the war party leaves, the group follows them and goes through a tunnel, finally coming out into the fields at a watch point. The scouts point out the offending portion of corn stalks and they begin making a battle plan.

Laazyrus looks at it with mage sight and sees the source as Jayne does the same with detect evil. The center of the field is concentrated with evil and magic and then radiates outward, like a mist. They formulate a plan. The group will go in; trying to reach the center and the Halfling warriors will try to contain it. As they enter, the yellow corn stalks slowly turn to disgusting rotten green ones and the ground seems to be covered by a grayish green moss. The group was warned against using fire in the fields; even though it might work to damage the enemy plants, I also risks setting the rest of the plains on fire.

Sporadically, they found little pools of that black ichor; Jayne tried to bless one, knowing that they are sensitive to holy energy. The pool fizzled and the grasses began to hiss. Laazyrus attacked a stalk, testing them. Suddenly, the stalks attacked him back. The corn stalks began moving, trying to trip the group and dipping themselves into the black ichor, buffing themselves and making them stronger. Halure charged into the fray but was tripped by a root and skid to the ground. As he animal companion tried to help her up the others began the attack. Battle ensued as Uld, Vedim and Laazyrus began attacking the cornstalks and laying them waste. Jayne summoned a fire elemental hoping to bun off the ichor; much against Laazyrus’s orders.

As the elemental progressed, it stepped in a large pool of ichor, exploding it and splattered in all directions. Every part of the cornfield that was touched by the ichor began to grow and change, becoming stronger and angrier. Between Halure’s spells, Uld’s flames, Laazyrus’s lightning, Jayne’s blessings, and Vedim’s flail, they fought their way to the center of the field where they found a cloaked figure casting over a black crystal. At Laazyrus’s order, Uld rushed the mage. Before he could even reach it, though, the ground before the crystal swallowed him up to his waist into the dirt. With the assistance of Halure’s spell, Laazyrus tried to rush the crystal with his shocking grasp. When he hit it, the crystal absorbed his spell and ignored his damage dealt. The evil figure even used that stolen spell and cast it backward on the entire group. Momentarily, they were at a loss until Vedim cast dispel magic on the mage. After wards, their attacks began to wear him down until Laazyrus hit him with a spell that drained his knowledge stats, making it more difficult to use his spells and enraging him. He took several more hits until he hissed, grasped the crystal, and crushed it, causing black ichor to cover his whole body. He then split into four smaller creatures and ran away.

The group followed him, dispatching of two of the little magelings, but losing the third and fourth ones. The hunting party, guarding the group’s back, caught up with them. The Halflings sent scouts and trackers to find the two remaining magelings. In the mean time, the group returned with the hunt leader to speak to the chieftain.

Upon arrival, they reported what transpired to the chieftain. He heralded them as heroes and presented them a feast. Before they would get to enjoy the festivities, however, they received a visit from the resident council member from the university. He asked the group to go and check out a smoking crash site for what they hoped would turn out to be a fallen star. Much to the councilor’s dismay, the group settles for their feast and then leaves in the morning.
The following morning, they depart. After long travel, they find that the crash site is actually a crashes goblin flying vessel. After speaking with their captain and putting out all the fires, they investigate for survivors only to find one of the magelings. Working together, they are able to subdue and destroy it so they could take a sample back to the university.

Before they could head back out, though, they noticed storm clouds headed right for them. After a careful examination, it was found that the storm was actually moving toward them ad showed images through it of a rain forest. Try as they may to run from the storm, it swallowed them – transporting them to a rain forest jungle.



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