The Nation of Seven Tribes

The Nation of Seven Tribes

The Blackfist Tribe – The oldest tribe in the Nation, they have a rich native heritage, and were on this land long before it was settled by more advanced civilizations. They have gotten progressively smaller, over the thousand years, but those who remain, remain part of a heritage spanning back centuries. Due to the overwhelming respect for the elders, they have been unanimously appointed the foremost leader in the Nation. Governing tradition states that in the event of a 3-to-3 tie in the decision making by the 6 leaders, the Blackfist tribe then is bestowed with the power to make a final decision. The Blackfist tribe stays neutral until all parties are heard. It’s population is made up of Orcs, Half-orcs, and Humans.

The Bloodtusk Tribe – Made up of strictly Orcs and Trolls, the Bloodtusk tribe are a more primitive and bloodthirsty warrior tribe. They understand the need for unification with the other tribes in the Nation, and defend not only their homelands, but they have a strong, rich military tradition. Some say they’re the most organized warriors of the Nation. Orcs and Trolls are noted to have bright red mohawks, and have been known to use exceptionally brutal hand to hand tactics, often leaving blood all over.

The Moonwolf Tribe – In the night, certain tribes fare better at surviving. The Moonwolf Tribe is one of those tribes. They live deep within the darkest parts of the forests of the land and usually frequent the land during nightfall. Exceptionally adapt at ranging and hunting, especially at night, the Moonwolf Tribe produce the best rangers and quiet bowmen in the Nation. Curiously made up of an alliance between a small, rogue Half-orc tribe, and a small Elven wildling tribe, they two races worked together and shared cultures, eventually forming the Moonwolf.

The Cobbleaxe Tribe – The most quirky and tricky of the Nation, the Cobbleaxe Tribe is made up of wildling Halflings and Gnomes who used the hills and vast plains to build their homes. Exceptionally good at farming, they are the biggest producers of grains and bread to the Nation, and are of vital importance, as their grain feeds the whole nation. Without it, most of the tribes would falter out in the colder winter months.

The Red Blade Tribe – //Haven’t quite figured out an attribute for this one yet. Maybe someone can help out?

The Stone Eye Tribe – Second oldest in the tribe, are the Stone Eye Tribe, made up of mostly Dwarves and a smattering of humans. A barbaric tribe that has existed in the same mountain range for centuries, and has had it’s ancient battles with the Blackfist’s before, but have since enjoyed the benefits of an agreement known as the Thousand Smiles. Every year, there is a feast held in the Blackfist city, The Blackmound. Every tribe is invited as a celebration of another year of peace throughout the Nation of Seven Tribes.

The Stillblade Tribe – The Stillblade tribe are the newest tribe to the Nation, and have only been a member for 513 years. They are made up of Dark Elves. Found deep in the mountains, by miners in the Stone Eye Tribe, they were at odds at first, with clashes between the two races escalating, until the Elders invited the leader of the Dark Elves, and they struck an agreement. It wasn’t received well within most of the ranks of the untrusting Dark Elves, but they have seen relative peace in the time since the agreement. Although, some say that the tensions between the Stillblade Tribe and the Nation are beginning to escalate.

The Nation of Seven Tribes

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